40+ Alice in Wonderland Riddles to solve with your friends

We all are familiar with Lewis Carroll’s work- Alice in Wonderland. The theme of the story revolves around the innocent and magical approach toward life by young children. Alice wanders into an unfamiliar and magical land after following a rabbit down the hole. The story further describes the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. 

After many fun adventures, Alice needs your help this time. Can you help her solve the following riddles?

Alice in wonderland riddles for kids

Alice is a worldwide loved character. The following riddles can be a great time pass for your children. They can test their knowledge about this Disney movie through these articles. Find out what’s your position in the Disney fandom world.

Q. Why did Mad hatter start liking his enemy?

A. Because his foe turned out to be the Queen of his heart.

Q. Why did Alice get late for tea time?

A. She was in the rabbit hole.

Q. What did Cheshire cat like to drink?

A. Evaporated milk

Q. This character confused everyone who entered Wonderland. Who is it?

A. Cheshire cat 

Q. What did Alice eat to shrink back to normal size?

A. Mushroom

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Hard Alice in wonderland riddles

Everyone loves challenges. And when the challenge includes Disney classics, then who would not want to take part? We are presenting a list of in-depth riddles that might not be easy to solve until and unless you have read the story thoroughly.

Q. Who offended the King?

A. Cheshire cat

Q. When Alice wakes up from her dream, where does she find herself?

A. When she wakes up, she finds herself in her sister’s lap.

Q. Name the antagonist in the discussed story?

A. Queen of hearts

Q. What was the caterpillar smoking?

A. A hookah

Q. Who was the messenger to Queen and King in the story?

A. The white rabbit

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Funny Alice in Wonderland riddles

Who doesn’t like their riddle with a little humor and a fun element? Even though Alice in Wonderland was a dark story with many hidden meanings, we tried to gather some light-hearted riddles to not dive further into the darkness. 

Q. He was the kindest to Alice in Wonderland. Guess the character.

A. The white knight

Q. Who was the cry-baby in the story?

A. Alice

Q. Who asked the famous riddle,” Why is the raven like a writing desk?” 

A. The Mad Hatter

Q. What did the March Hare offer Alice in true mockery?

A. Wine

Q. Mad Hatter sang this song for Queen of hearts. Name the song

A. Twinkle, Twinkle, little bat

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Alice In Wonderland Riddles
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