30+ Ancient riddles to Tease Your Brain

The craze of riddles is not surprising. They have existed for more than 4,00 years. Now that is truly astonishing. Have you ever wondered how did these riddles become so popular? Riddles were first introduced by Sumerians to the human world. 

The reason for creating riddles was quite simple- to play with boundaries and limits. Pushing our brains to work hard and think out of the box. 

Talking of which, it’s time to test your smartness about the ancient riddles of the world. Whether you get all the correct answers or not, this is a great way to increase your intellect. 

Ancient riddles for kids

If we are talking about riddles, who would enjoy them more than young children? These riddles are the best source to make your child gain knowledge about ancient riddles. 

Q. There is a building somewhere. A man enters it blindly but comes out seeing.

A. Sumerians have always emphasized the value of education. So, here the correct answer is School.

Q. All my life, I have wandered from home to home. I saw roads everywhere- a road here and a road there. What am I?

A. This riddle is given by Odin. The answer is Cow.

Q. Whatever we received, we threw away. What we didn’t receive, we kept it. What did we keep?

A. This riddle was told by fishermen to Homer when he asked them how did their day go. The answer is ‘Lice.’ Lice are what the fishermen kept. 

Q. A father has twice six sons. These sons have thirty daughters, with one cheek white and one cheek black. They neither see each other nor do they live more than a day. 

A. Time is the answer. The sons refer to six months. The daughters are thirty days, consisting of both days and nights. And they exist only for one day without being able to meet each other. 

Q. Falling into its toothless mouth, everything tears into pieces. Put fingers in its eyes, and it will prick up its ears in an instant.

A. This Persian riddle is basically describing the scissors. 

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Hard Ancient riddles 

Can you solve these brain-teasing hard riddles specially made to gear up your mental speed? Adult or not, these riddles are definitely going to force a connection between your multiple neurons. 

Q. Out of the hunter came the meat. Out of the powerful came the sweet. 

A. The riddle is given by Samson. The answer is bees making honeycomb inside the lion’s carcass. 

Q. I talk, but I do not speak my mind. I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts. When I wake, all see me. When I sleep, all hear me. Many heads are on my shoulders. Many hands are at my feet. The strongest steel cannot break my visage, but the softest whisper can destroy me. The quietest whimper can be heard.

A. An actor. 

Q. No food I need, but my strength obtains what humans devour. 

A. The sun 

Q. Great deeds with little strength I do, I close the open, open the closed for you.

I keep the master’s house, and the master keeps me too. 

A. Keys 

Q. Everyone needs it. Humans, birds, animals- everyone devours it

A. Time 

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Funny ancient riddles

The riddles started off easy in the beginning and then became hard. Just to take a break from such brain teasers, let’s solve these easy and interesting riddles which can be solved within seconds. Keeping the ancient theme in mind, these riddles were given by Sphinx, who is a mythological creature from Greece.  

Q. It can run but not walk. It does have a mouth but can’t talk. It has beds but doesn’t sleep. It has eyes that never weep.

A. A river

Q. I stay alive without breathing. I stay cool as ice even in summer. I don’t feel thirsty even though the water is all I ever drink.

A. A fish

Q. It never takes a rest. Nor does it stay still. Keeps on moving from this mountain to another. It can’t walk or jog. Whenever it is not around, everything seems cool. 

A. The sun

Q. I am huge, touching the sky. I have roots that stay hidden below the ground. I am taller than trees. What am I?

A. Mountains 

Q. They come at night without being called. In the clear morning, they hide away without being told

A. Stars

Q. It hears you talk and speaks back to you without opening its mouth. It’s generally silent but becomes loud when the wind blows.

A. Echo

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