101+ April Fool Riddles to Wake Your Brain Up

If you’re into pranks or just want to have a little fun with your family, our April Fools’ riddles are a wonderful way to keep them amused. Placed a few in lunch boxes and even send one to your husband in the middle of the day, or assess your kids in the car.

Some of these April Fools’ riddles are associated with April, whereas others could cause you to feel silly because you can’t even figure out the answer. 

April fools riddles for kids

April 1st is rapidly approaching, which can only mean one thing: April Fool’s Day. It’s not just whoopie pillows as well as toothpaste-filled Oreos on April Fools’ Day. Put together a list of riddles to try and fool your friends on the big day.

Continue reading to find out how to bewilder your friends with riddles that will make them feel really foolish or smart!

Q. When the police were called, they discovered that a man had died in his apartment. 

When they looked up where he worked, they discovered that he earned $30 every month he worked 30 or fewer days and $35 for each month he worked 31 days or more. 

How much will he earn by the end of December if today is April 1st?

A. He didn’t earn anything, and now he’s dead.

Q. What monster does seem the most commonly in April Fool’s jokes?

A. Prankenstein!

Q. Why is everyone so tired on April 1st?

A. Because they just accomplished a 31-day march!

Q. What would happen if you combined Halloween and April 1st?

A. April Ghoul’s Day!

Q. What occurs when you cross a dog with a prankster’s holiday?

A. It’s April Drool’s Day!

Q. What’s the distinction between Thanksgiving and April Fool?

A. On the one hand, you’re thankful, and on the other, you’re joking!

Q. When is the best time to go monkey business?

A. The first appearance of Ape-ril

Q. April Fools’ Day is similar to a massive open mic night. 

How is this possible?

A. Millions of people go out of their way to show how ridiculous they are.

Q. Have you heard about the guy who switched the labels on the gas station pumps?

A. It was a joke by April Fuels.

Q. You should know that no one got the April Fools joke. Why?

A. Nobody expected you to be so humorous.

Q. What is the best day of the year for monkeys?

A. Ape’s first ril appearance.

Q. Which day is the worst for a proposal?

A. It’s April Fools’ Day.

Q. A couple of jerks broke into the local police station and stole all of the washroom supplies. 

Why did they do so?

A. “We have absolutely nothing to go on,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Q. What is the favorite holiday of a stepladder?

A. It’s April Stools’ Day.

Q. What did April Fools’ Day have to say after receiving a prestigious award?

A. Prank you.

Q. When your complete life is a joke, who needs April Fools’?

A. April Fools’ Day

Q. Who needs April Fools’ Day?

A. They surround me all year.

Q. I don’t always make April Fools jokes. Why?

A. I am not kidding.

Q. My favorite April Fools’ Day prank is pretending to get off the couch. What did it say?

A. I am on my way out.

Q. Some friends you know will never play an April Fools’ Day joke. What is the reason?

A. Because they believe it is still March.

Q. I am going to play an April Fools’ Day joke on my landlord by failing to pay rent.

A. You are joking; rent isn’t due today!

Hard April fools riddles

Riddles for April Fool’s Day that you can use to fool your friends are great. April Fools’ Day is a wonderful day to perform practical jokes. These amusing riddles will fool your friends. 

Q. Why are people so tired on April 1st?

A. Because they just got through a long March, that is why!

Q. What is the distinction between Thanksgiving and April Fools?

A. On the one hand, you are appreciative, whereas, on the other, you are trying to be funny!

Q. What is the finest day of the year to goof off along with your peers?

A. Of course, it’s April Fool’s Day.

Q. What is visible in the middle of April as well as March that is not recognizable at the beginning or end of either month?

A. The letter ‘r.’

Q. Mayflowers are introduced by April showers, but what do Mayflowers bring?

A. Pilgrims!

Q. What kinds of spring flowers can be observed on people’s faces?

A. Two pairs of lips (tulips).

Q. Any man couldn’t really survive for even more than a week without drinking water. 

Even so, Abdul managed to cross the desert in 10 days without drinking any water. 

How did this take place?

A. Abdul is a camel’s name.

Q. What is the relevance of the first letter of the alphabet that closely resembles a spring flower?

A. Because they are both followed by bees (B’s), that is why.

Q. What do you name a hammer that was acquired on April 1st?

A. An April Tool.

Q. On April Fools’, babies born on March 31st are the quickest to prank.

A. They were born just yesterday!

Q. Why can April jump so far?

A. It finally springs!

Q. On April Fools’ Day, what do you say when it started to rain hens and ducks?

A. It is fowl springtime.

Q. Why do eggs start celebrating April Fool’s Day?

A. They really like effective yolks.

Q. When April Fools’ Day received an award, what did it say? 

A. You have been pranked!

Q. What is the worst day for a proposal? 

A. It is April Fools’ Day!

Q. Today is the ideal day to propose. If they say yes, that’s wonderful.

If they hesitate, what will you say? 

A. “April Fools!”

Q. What is the favorite holiday of a gas pump?

A. It is April Fuel’s Day!

Q. What day of the week is a stepladder’s top choice?

A. It is April Stool’s Day! 

Funny April Fools’ riddles

If you’re like me, you’d rather spend April Fools’ Day hiding from everyone you know to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that this day brings—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few laughs on your own.

These April Fools’ riddles are hilarious and hurt no one—unless you want to assess them on one of your friends; but even so, all of them will be amusing for you, and your family..

Q. Which month has only one day?

A. Every one of them!

Q. Carrie was born in April, which occurred during the fall. What allows this to happen?

A. Carrie is currently living in Australia.

Q. What would a 5-letter word become two letters shorter while two letters are incorporated into it?

A. “Short”

Q. A plane crashed just on the border between the United States and Canada. 

Half of the commuters were Americans, while the remaining half were Canadians. 

Where do the survivors choose to be entombed?

A. Survivors are not buried!

Q. Henry’s mother is the mother of four children. April, Fools, and Day were the first three. What was the name of the fourth one?

A. Henry

Q. This word is bulky while written forward. It is not when written backward. What is this word?

A. Ton

Q. Mike was born on March 31st, making him the easiest April Fool’s joke target. Why?

A. He was born just yesterday.

Q. What’s the worst thing about April Fools’ Day?

A. Jokes that have little or no punch lines.

Q. A couple of jerks ended up breaking into the local police department as well as stealing all of the washrooms. What is being reported by the media?

A. As stated by a spokesperson, “we have totally nothing to go on!”

Q. What is the greatest day of the year for monkeys? 

A. The first of Ape-ril’s!

Q. What separates Thanksgiving from April Fool’s Day? 

A. On one, you are extremely thankful, and on the other, you are making a joke!

Q. Can February get to be March? 

A. Yes, yet only in April and May!

Q. What do you term a bear captured in the rain in April? 

A. A wet and windy bear!

Q. What did summer have to say to spring? 

A. I am going to fall!

Q. What different sorts of gardens do bakers create? 

A. Garden flour!

Q. How does a flower induce a bike to start moving? 

A. With its flower petals!

Q. What is the proper way for a rainstorm to tie its shoes? 

A. Showcasing a rainbow!

Q. What actually goes up when it starts to rain in April? 

A. An umbrella!

Q. What is an acorn’s favorite mathematical topic? 

A. Ge-om-a-tree!

Q. How do trees link up with the internet? 

A. They just log in!

Q. What did April Fool’s Day really have to say after receiving a prestigious award? 

A. Prank on you!

Q. Why do eggs celebrate April Fool’s Day? 

A. They adore beneficial yolks.

Q. What did the villain say when the Superfriends continued to be under the assumption that it was March? 

A. It is April Fools’ Day! Today is April Fools’ Day. None of it, and no one should be assured. It was similar to any other day.

Q. What if April Fools’ Day is actually April 2nd, and we had been all tricked into the mindset that it was April 1st? 

A. We have been April fooled.

Q. What is the favorite holiday of a stepladder? 

A. It is April Stool’s Day!

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