30+ Tricky Balloon riddles to keep you and your child busy

They come in every size, every shape, and every color you can think of. Yes, we are talking about balloons indeed. Do you know what makes them kids’ favorite?

No, it’s not because it’s an easy tool to keep your child busy and is very convenient. (Well, to some extent? Yes.) But its main attractive feature is its vibrancy. Balloons indicate celebrations, festivals, galas, and every other synonym that you know. 

So, we decided to take these colorful sources of entertainment as our main theme for this article. It’s time to solve these BALLOON RIDDLES!

Balloon riddles for kids

Of course, where there are kids, there are balloons. It’s like an unwritten rule. We selected some of the best balloon riddles for children.What are you waiting for? Call them over to make their brain do some mental work. 

Q. Flat when I am on the ground. Fat when I am in use. Guess my name.

A.  Balloon

Q. It goes around the sky like a bird with colorful feathers. It uses wood as its body and fire like its fuel. Clearly seen in the day sky but turns invisible in the dark sky. What is it?

A.  A hot air balloon

Q. I know how to float. But you can’t call me a swimmer. I have strings attached, but you cannot hold me close for long. Who am I?

A.  Balloon 

Q. I roar in the sky, rising up and higher. But after some time, I fall to the ground, into the arms of death. What am I?

A.  Balloon 

Q. Elsa is not allowed to have a balloon. Can you guess why?

A.  Because the princess will ‘Let it go. Get it? (The Frozen song?)

Q. What type of musical bands are balloons afraid of?

A.  ‘Pop’ bands! 

Q. Why are balloons scared of winters?

A.  Because of snow burst. (Snow burst is simply a snow shower for only a short period of time.)

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Hard balloons riddles

Why do people even celebrate with balloons? Why are they glorified as a symbol of joy? Probably because they are pocket friendly and very colorful. Everyone likes to watch the balloons fly away. It represents many things.

For some, it may mean letting go of bad times. For some, it may mean spreading out love for others. No matter what letting go of balloons signifies, the different meanings do not stop people from uniting over watching the sky filled with balloons. 

Q. A man stands on top of the freezing mountains, along with a straw. How did he get there?

A.  He went up in a hot air balloon, along with his friend. As the mountain was coming closer, they decided to remove their clothes just to make the hot air balloon lighter. This would make the balloon go higher. When they ran out of clothes, they decided with a straw who would jump off. The man obviously picked the smaller straw, so he had to jump off. 

Q. If a locked car has helium balloons inside it and the AC is not switched on, then what will happen to these helium balloons?

A.  If the car moves forward, the balloons will also float forwards. 

Q. Put air in it to make it alive. Extract the air to make it fall back to the ground. What is it?

A.  A balloon

Q. Someone advised me never to take the balloons seriously. Can you guess why?

A.  It is because balloons are filled with only ‘hot air.’

Q. A person with low self-esteem would never make a good balloon. Do you know why?

A.  Because they will always ‘let themselves down.’

Q. A girl buys a pink helium balloon on a ‘no-wind’ day. She accidentally lets go of the pink balloon. What will happen to the balloon now?

A.  The balloon will rise. 

Q. Imagine you are in a room filled with water balloons. You are trapped inside with no doors or windows. How can you get out?

A.  Stop imagining 

Q. I saw a woman walking on water. How is that even possible?

A.  She was walking on frozen water. 

Q. I am not completely filled with air, but I can still fly in the air once you throw me around. I can smash others’ heads if you apply the right force. Who am I? 

A.  Water balloons

Q. You can notice me in the sky. But I am no bird. You can see me in many colors, but I am not a rainbow. 

A.  Balloon 

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Funny Balloon riddles 

Isn’t laughter an essence of joy? Balloons effortlessly bring out everyone’s crazy side. Yes, I am talking about the ‘catch the balloon before it touches the ground game. So, what is holding you back from sharing these funny balloon riddles with your friends? 

Q. Which gun scares balloons?

A.  A popgun 

Q. I hold water, but I am not a glass. I contain water, but you cannot drink it. Guess my name.

A.  Water balloon

Q. What does the Balloon call pin?

A.  Buster

Q. I am not exactly a balloon, but I can fly in the sky. I light up every time you free me in the sky. 

A.  A lantern (Lanterns are made from paper, in the form of hot air balloons)

Q. I opened a balloon shop. But it was not a great business, and we faced losses. Can you guess why?

A.  My products could not handle the ‘inflation.’ 

Q. I wanted to surprise my lover with something light. can you find out what I gifted him?

A.  A letter tied to a helium balloon

Q. Why is it easier for balloons to find love, unlike us?

A.  Because it’s rare to find a balloon ‘without strings attached.

Q. What happens to balloons when you rub them on your hair?

A.  They turn ecstatic. 

Q. I am scared to argue with balloons. Can you guess why?

A.  Because they can explode any time soon. 

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Balloon Riddles
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