100+ Chocolate Riddles to Test Your Intelligence

A few of life’s simplest delights are delicious food, good drinks, as well as a better company.

If you spend time thinking around, reading about, and, of course, tasting chocolates, you definitely like a good laugh as well as some stupid information about it as well.

A few chocolate riddles which will make you crave more. We hope these tasty chocolate riddles with answers stimulate your appetite! 

Tasty Chocolate Riddles You Love It

Chocolate riddles for kids

We’ve all had evenings when a box of glow seems like a friendly hug. And, as the saying may go, a piece of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away or something along those lines.

The thing is, although your home is a little bit dry right now, these riddles will make you crazy with laughter.

Q. What kind of confectionery does an alien prefer?

A. The Mars bar.

Q. I am a drink produced when you are cold, regardless of whether you are young or old; some people add marshmallows.

A. Hot Chocolate milk

Q. I am a wrapped-in-foil Jewish chocolate candy. O occasionally, I may wear a menorah or the Star of David. Who am I?

A. Gelt

Q. A handful of these provides you delight as you’ve never felt before, but then don’t put me in your pockets as I may melt! What actually am I?

A. Gelt

Q. Why do males resemble chocolate bars?

A. Since they are smooth and sweet, they usually reach their way direct to your hips.

Q. What do you term a chocolate-covered sheep?

A. It’s a Candy Baa.

Q. What candy involves two female pronouns?

A. Hershey’s

Q. How many chocolates would you get if you stole five chocolates from a package containing 21 chocolates?

A. Because you stole five chocolates, you would just have 5.

Q. What are the similarities between chocolate, men, and coffee?

A. They’re all better rich now!

Q. How does the German chocolate cake recipe begin?

A. First, infiltrate ze kitchen.

Q. How many grams of protein are in that chocolate pie slice?

A. 3.14159265.

Q. What do you call the people that drink hot chocolate year-round?

A. Cocoa-Nuts.

Q. What is the favorite dessert of a French cat?

A. Mousse au chocolate!

Q. When Chewbacca has chocolate glued to his hair, what do you name him?

A. Chocolate Chip Wookiee. 

Q. What type of sweet never arrives on time?

A. Choco-LATE.

Q. What is the inverse of chocolate?

A. Choco-EARLY.

Q. When Chewbacca has chocolate stuck in his hair, what do you name him?

A. Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Wookie.

Q. What compelled the doughnut to go to the dentist?

A. He required chocolate filling.

Q. What do you call cocoa that has been stolen?

A. Chocolate milk.

Q. What is the favorite chocolate of an astronaut?

A. It’s a Mars bar.

Q. What kind of chocolate does a monkey prefer?

A. Chimpanzee in chocolate.

Q. What fruit is fond of chocolate?

A. A coco-nut

Q. For what reason does M&M go to university?

A. Because he aspired to be a Smartie

Q. What occurs before it starts raining chocolate?

A. It sprinkles.

Q. What do you name a stuttering cow?

A. Cacao.

Q. Why is Toblerone’s shape triangular?

A. So that it gets fits in the box

Q. How did the hipsters get hot cocoa in their mouths?

A. They drank it before it had time to cool down.

Q. What happens when you put a cat in the chocolate?

A. It’s a Kit Kat bar

Q. When the astronaut landed on a chocolate bar, what did he say?

A. I’ve just landed on Mars

Q. What kind of cookie can pilot a spaceship?

A. A chocolate chip cookie Wookie

Q. Which chocolate bar is the sun’s favorite?

A. The Milky Way

Q. What do you name a chocolate-dipped ant?

A. Decad-ANT.

Q. What do you name a chocolate-dipped lamb?

A. Chocolate baa. 

Q. They just uncovered an Egyptian tomb containing hazelnuts and chocolate. Whose tomb is it?

A. They believe it is Pharoah Rocher’s tomb.

Q. Which type of chocolate do you get in the dryer’s fluff-catching drawer?

A. Lindt.

Q. Why couldn’t the candy bar put the lightbulb in?

A. She had been an Aero-head!

Q. On a plane, where else do candy bars linger?

A. In the Sky Bar!

Q. What happens when a candy bar is mistaken for a potato?

A. You discovered an Idaho Spud!

Q. What caused the robber to grab the candy bar?

A. Because it was known as a 100 Grand bar

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Hard chocolate riddles

It doesn’t matter what type of chocolate you’re eating; having a blast is always better. Nothing beats the pleasure of being in good company as well as having a good conversation, in our opinion.

So, have a look at our collection of chocolate senses of humor to make the conversation a lot more fun.

Q. What is the name of a chocolate-covered sheep?

A. A Candy Baa.

Q. What chocolate bears the name of something like a prominent former baseball player?

A. Little Ruth

Q. How can you spell chocolate with only two letters?

A. C and E

Q. White, milk, and dark are accessible.

You could have any of these three kinds.

As a sort of candy, it really can’t be beaten.

What is it?

A. Chocolate

Q. What sweet includes two female pronouns?

A. Hershey’s

Q. What sort of chocolate will a zombie not devour?

A. Lifesavers

Q. What is the name of stolen chocolate?

A. Piping hot cocoa!

Q. What type of chocolate do aliens prefer to consume?

A. Bar of Mars.

Q. What is the type of chocolate that sheep usually favor over any other candies?

A. Hershey’s baaa.

Q. As a slab, a chip, a bar, or a fondue to dip in, it can emerge in either of these forms at whichever time needed. Possibly what could it be, you think?

A. Chocolate

Q. Which sort of bars won’t keep a prisoner behind them? It’s a type of candy.

A. Chocolate bar

Q. I am the most widely spread tasty treat on Valentine’s Day for everyone. So who am I?

A. A Chocolate

Q. What do you name a crab who hoards his Valentine’s Day chocolate?

A. A sellfish of shellfish

Q. What do coffee, chocolate, and men all have in common?

A. Everyone is better off prosperous!

Q. How so many chocolates would you still have if you picked five out of a box that held twenty-one?

A. You took five chocolates, getting a total of five.

Q. A famous old-time swashbuckling trio is there. What kind of chocolate is that?

A. The Three Musketeers Bar

Q. Which chocolate is a happy nut?

A. Joy Almond

Q. What is Chewbacca’s name while he has chocolate in his hair?

A. Chunky Chocolate Chip Wookiee.

Q. There is white, milky, and black in different shapes.

You could eat these three kinds.

As a kind of candy

It is simply unbeatable compared to other candies.

Which is it?

A. Chocolate

Q. What is a snake known as that devours all types of excessive chocolate?

A. A snack.

Q. Which nation made lollipops popular all over the world?

A. Lickenstein.

Q. After breaking his leg, the doctors prescribed the patient a lollipop. What is the patient?

A. A candy cane

Q. Where else do you keep the chocolates?

A. The licker cabinet.

Q. Why can’t we have chocolates in court during trial?

A. It is judge mints, of course.

Q. Have you heard about the father with the largest collection of chocolate bars and what might have happened to them?

A. They are already in mint choco condition.

Q. Which sweet bars are completely beyond this world? 

A. Mars Bars & Milky Ways!

Q. Which chocolate bar is popular among chocolate thieves? 

A. A Take 5!

Q. When the milk chocolate bar canceled their date, what had the dark chocolate bar say?

A. How dairy!

Q. When chocolate bar couples go away for the weekend, what do they book? 

A. A sweet hotel!

Q. What occurred when the chocolate bar got his finger stuck in the plug? 

A. He turned into a shock-o-late bar! 

Q. Which bar of chocolate matches Mars?

A. A Mars Bar

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Funny chocolate riddles

You’re effectively getting ab training with the tummy laughs and all these recommendations! Chocolate might also help to put an end to a miserable day.

Sometimes chocolate isn’t enough to please and calm you; you also need a nice joke! That’s why we’ve produced a list of some of the finest chocolate riddles to make you smile!

Q. What is sticky and dark?

A. Licorice!

Q. What nation in the world did the chocolate originate from?

A. Sweeten!

Q. 125 chocolate bars belong to Jim. He finishes 76 of them. What has he at this point in time?

A. Diabetic. Diabetes affects Jim due to over-sweetness.

Q. Which nation can be the origin of chocolate?

A. Sweet -Zealand.

Q. What type of dessert is devoured by the Cannibals?

A. Aunts coated with chocolate.

Q. What types of chocolate are readily available at the airport?

A. Chocolate on a plane.

Q. In a library, what type of chocolate bar would you eat?

A. It’s a Wispa.

Q. A boy smashed a milk chocolate bar at somebody. What exactly did he say?

A. How dairy  

Q. Which type of bar is appropriate for young children?

A. A bar of chocolate.

Q. How do you convert milky chocolate to dark chocolate?

A. By switching off the lights.

Q. What separates a cow that generates regular milk from one that generates produces chocolate milk?

A. A proposal.

Q. What is the least favorite ice cream flavor of an electrician?

A. Shock-o-lat.

Q. What are the links between chocolate bars and jokes?

A. They are both easy to crack!

Q. Which type of celebration does a chocoholic choose?

A. One that’s choco-lit!

Q. What happens when you mix beer and a chocolate bar?

A. It’s a Choco-Light!

Q. What led the chocolate bar to walk across the street?

A. Since he was chocolate-LATE for the bus

Q. What chocolate bar is never pleased by jokes?

A. Snickers – all he does is snicker!

Q. What do you term a cookie that is extra sweet?

A. A chocolate chip cutie!

Q. What occurs when you cover a sheep with chocolate?

A. A candy barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Q. What is a cat’s favorite chocolate candy bar?

A. It’s a Kit Kat!

Q. What do you name a marshmallow, nut, and chocolate avalanche?

A. A rocky road!

Q. When the parrots see a candy bar, what do they say?

A. Cao-Cao! Cao-Cao!

Q. What are chocolate clouds formed of?

A. Chocolate topping!

Q. Why was the chocolate bar expelled from the sports team?

A. He was continuously playing Twix with the others!

Q. A chocolate package and a chocoholic visited a bar. What comes next?

A. Only the chocoholic left!

Q. Where was another small baby bar of chocolate born on a cold and grey Chicago morning?

A. In the (ghetto of )Gateaux!

Q. What happens when you combine a red rally car, almonds, and chocolate?

A. It’s a Ferrari Rocher!

Q. What was special about the chocolate-hazelnut truffle that made it stand out in a crowd?

A. He was nutty!

Q. What is the inverse of choco-late?

A. Choco-early.

Q. What kind of cookies do all the people of the Galaxy eat?

A. Chewbacca chocolate cookies!

Q. What made the Easter chocolate egg so depressed?

A. He was hollow on the inside.

Q. What is brown that isn’t chocolate?

A. A cocoa-not!

Q. Which sweet bar is beautiful, smart, rich, and has everything?

A. A bounty-full!

Q. Which chocolate bar is always the first to be chosen for the sports team?

A. A Skor!

Q. What do chocolate-covered fluffy nougat and three men have in common?

A. Three Musketeers!

Q. Which chocolate bar is the most clumsy?

A. It’s a Butterfinger!

Q. What made the chocolate bar puzzled?

A. Since she was a Her-She-y bar

Q. What are chocolate bars expecting this month?

A. PayDay!

Q. What do you name a dancing chocolate bar which has been transported back to the 1920s?

A. A Charleston Chew!

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