100+ Elf Riddles to Test Your Intelligence

When you’re enjoying hot cocoa, opening presents, or just sitting with others, tell them these Christmas riddles. These Christmas jokes and riddles, many of them are even funny!

The holidays are certainly the best period of the year, making them the perfect opportunity for some seasonal riddles. It’s time to spread the holiday cheer!

Elf riddles for kids

Some kids’ rhyming riddles with solutions that are either “Elf” or “Elves.” These are particularly great to utilize over the Christmas season in addition to all of our wonderful Christmas riddles.

Why not put your friends and family’s intellect to the test while you’re all cozying up inside those warm blankets?

Q. What led the elf to cry?

A. He stumbled over his mistletoe!

Q. Who are they? They occur in the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books as well as in a lot of Christmas gifts that Santa gives to you.

A. Elves

Q. We are famous for our pointed ears and for crafting Christmas toys that Santa Claus brings to all the nice girls and boys.

Who are we?

A. Elves

Q. It is due to people like me.

Your Christmas toys are not bought from shops.

I am a small helper because

Who creates the Santa Claus gifts you receive?

Who are we?

A. Elves

Q. I have had several nice and bright colors from which to select. I make a lot of houses into beautiful sights. Exactly who am I?

A. Christmas Decorations

Q. You tend to open me up every day to something incredible. You will discover a delightful gift concealed behind every one of the doors. Who am I, then?

A. Advent calendar.

Q. After you chop me, you drape a skirt over my posterior. On the other end, I’m topped by a star or an angel. Exactly who am I?

A. Christmas Tree.

Q. Even while it might seem like I stand on your toes, every child knows that I am terribly obsessed with gifts. Exactly who am I?

A. Christmas stocking

Q. Where are elves to be discovered?

A. Depending on where you left them!

Q. A sleigh carries Santa Claus. In what things do elves commute?

A. Minivans!

Q. Who manufactures toy guitars and sings “Blue Christmas”?

A. Elvis!

Q. What subject do elves pursue first in school?

A. Elf-abet, the!

Q. The elf’s bed was put inside the fireplace, but what is the reason behind that?

A. He wished to sleep like a log!

Q. How long should the legs of an elf be?

A. Just enough opportunity to get to the ground!

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Hard elf riddles

This collection of humorous Christmas riddles for both adults and kids is sure to make everybody feel cheerful. To find pleasure, you won’t need Rudolph’s nose to lead the way.

This compilation of elf riddles contains both simple ones for young minds and difficult ones for adults requiring a harder challenge.

Q. Which sort of music do elves tend to favor?

A. Music for “wraps.”

Q. I am a plant that people hang up during Christmas and then stand beneath me to kiss somebody they love. Exactly who am I?

A. Mistletoe.

Q. This Christmas, you may make me just so you can put me in your face. A house made of cake, icing, and the candy is edible. And who am I?

A. The gingerbread house.

Q. I am a sphere that can be made with berries, pine cones, or evergreens. I am found around Christmas time on someone’s front door. So who am I?

A. Wreath.

Q. I fall from the sky and am far more lovely than rain. No two pieces will ever possess the same look. So who am I?

A. Snow.

Q. What do elves study in elementary school?

A. Elf-abets

Q. What kind of Christmas cookies do elves bake?

A. Shortbread cookies

Q. Who among the elves started singing best?

A. Elvis Presley.

Q. What type of birthday cake is popular amongst elves?

A. Shortcake!

Q. What do elves use to make sandwiches?

A. Shortbread

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Funny elf riddles

When you’re looking for additional Christmas activities, consider taking a look at these holiday word riddles and some kid-friendly Christmas humor.

These elf brain teasers can be performed by the family at Thanksgiving or at school for academic purposes. People of all age groups find it amusing to solve these funny elf riddles this holiday season.

Q. It is ridden by Santa Claus while he delivers gifts to the children, and nine reindeer are hitched to it. 

What is it?

A. A Sleigh.

Q. It is sweet and minty and has two colors. You’ll get “hooked”—how amazing is that! 

What is it?

A. Sweet cane.

Q. On Christmas Day, my mom, Mary, sat close and sang me a lullaby as I was comfortable in my cot. 

Who am I?

A. Baby Jesus.

Q. How long must the legs of an elf be?

A. Just long enough to get to the ground!

Q. One tends to quickly rip this off so that it may no longer cover your priceless present that is hiding inside. What is it?

A. Wrapping paper

Q. I am able to get around when traveling throughout the globe. I tend to visit every nation while driving Santa’s sleigh. Exactly who am I?

A. Reindeer.

Q. We are famous for our pointed ears and for creating Christmas toys that Santa Claus distributes to all the nice girls and boys.  

Guess who we are?

A. The elf

Q. During the night, I tend to move around the home while hiding. I was sent by Santa to find out who was kind and nice. So who am I?

A. Elf on the Shelf

Q. What is Frosty’s favorite food choice?

A. Snow cones.

Q. How do young children generally know when Santa is near the area?

A. They can feel his presents!

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